Elements Roller Rolling Machine 79MM


Elements Regular Rolling Machine- 79mm

This Elements regular Rolling Machine  is for rolling papers that are no longer than 79mm, these usually will be 1/ 1/4's or also known as 125 smoking papers. The Elements 79mm rolling machine is made of very sturdy acrylic with a high quality sleeve which is branded and lets you know the size of the rolling machine you are using, just in case you have more than one Elements roller! If you are looking for a real long lasting rolling machine to roll your own (RYO), that can take a lot of punishment, whether you are a novice or a long term roller than you need to consider using this Elements roller for your small papers.

  • Elements Roller Regular
  • Will Fit – 125 or 1 ¼ Papers
  • Length/Size: 79mm
  • Spare Sleeve
  • RYO – Roll Your Own
  • High Quality
  • Made In Germany