Whip-It 5x Ultra-Pure Butane Fuel 300ml

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Whip-It 5x Ultra-Pure Butane Fuel 300ml

Whip-It! 5x refined butane is purified 5 times through several chambers of active carbon towers to refine the butane from all impurities and odor. It is then further purified through a molecular sieve to get it as close to zero impurities as possible.

Whip-It! boasts a an optimum composition ratio of N-butane and ISO-butane molecules to allow maximum internal compression, high combustion quality, and the cleanest burn possible.

All Whip-It! butane goes through a diligent inspection processes that follow the ISO 9001, TUV, and EN-417 quality control measures.

United Brands, who manufacturers all Whip-It! products, has over 6 decades of gas manufacturing expertise making their move into the butane industry a natural fit.

  • 5x Filtered
  • Near Zero Impurities
  • Odorless
  • 300ml Volume