RAW Classic Pre-Rolled King Size Cones 3 Pack Each


RAW Classic Pre-Rolled King Size Cones 3 Pack Each

Raw Natural Cigarette Rolling Papers have quickly developed a cult-like following.
Raw papers are pure, less processed, clean tasting rolling papers unlike anything
that you have ever seen or smoked before. They contain a hybrid blend of unbleached
(not chlorine whitened) fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color.

Made with Raw's finest classic natural brown rolling paper each one of the one and one quarter cones have been watermarked with Raw's criss cross. By using the criss crossing technique on the paper the cones will burn evenly down to the tip. Each bundle contains 3 King Size pre-rolled cones with a filter tip, the box is branded with the Raw logos and can be re-used or used as storage to keep your cones in. The one great big advantage is you don't need to roll your own cone, which as we know can be time consuming and sometimes doesn't always go to plan, simply stuff and smoke.

  • Pre-rolled for you with the same unbleached, natural paper you'd expect from RAW rolling papers
  • Makes a King sized funnel shaped smoke with paper tip already inserted
  • Get the perfect cone shaped smoke without using a cone rolling machine
  • Tip Included
  • Natural Gum