RAW Parchment Squares 5" x 5"


RAW Parchment Squares5" x 5"

RAW PARCHMENT PAPER is the first unrefined extra slick dual-coated parchment paper ever made. Raw Parchment Paper is a great way to store and handle your sticky gooey food. Raw Parchment Paper is unbleached and unrefined, contains no Quilon ( a super non-eco friendly material which many other parchment papers use).   It is the best parchment paper ever made.
  • Manufacturer: RAW
  • Width: 5"
  • Length: 5"
  • Non-stick, heat resistant & safe to use with razors & scrapers
  • 100% natural, unbleached & unrefined paper
  • Windmill powered, total chlorine free, GMO free, vegan friendly product
  • Coated with pure eco-friendly silicone