Bugler Roller Rolling Machine 70MM


Bugler Regular Rolling Machine- 70mm

The Bugler Regular Rolling Machine will take any smoking papers up to 70mm in length and is great for single wides, double wides and one and quarters (125). The blue branded vinyl apron will not stretch as time goes by, is smooth and won't rip your papers while rolling. The clear acrylic stand is made from strengthened acrylic which won't bend or snap, pretty important while you are rolling your own. Great roller for first timers or seasoned rollers and fits nicely into your pocket or tobacco pouch.

We Sell Only Genuine Bugler Rollers.

  • Bugler Regular Roller
  • Will Fit –SW -DW- 1 ¼
  • Branded Apron
  • Non Stretch Apron
  • Length/Size: 70mm
  • Clear Strong Acrylic
  • High Quality
  • RYO – Roll Your Own