Charco Flare Natural Coconut Coals 112 Pieces Quarter Circle Cut

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Charco Flare Natural Coconut Coals - Quarter Circle Cut

We've seen many styles of coals come our way offering improved features, various ash content and heat levels, or just new packaging. The hookah charcoal options are endless and everyone has their reasons for liking certain styles and brands. Instead of just making flat and cube natural coals, Charco Flare decided to take it a step further and provide the perfect shape of charcoal for heat management devices. We'll give you a second to let that sink in.

This 112 piece box contains 24x22mm quarter circle cut charcoal, and you can fit a total of 4 inside your Kaloud Lotus. These coals consist of all natural ingredients with the main component being coconut shell husk, and they create each piece without harming a single tree. These coals produce a great deal of heat and depending on your preference you may only need 3 pieces for a cloud packed session. The ash content is very low so you won't have a mess inside your heat management device at the end of your session, and they keep a uniform shape throughout the entire box.

  • Made from coconut husk
  • Designed for the Kaloud Lotus
  • Produces a high level of heat for larger clouds
  • Up to 4 can be used at a time
  • Requires a Coal Burner
  • 112 Pieces
  • 24 x 22 mm Quarter Circle
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