Juicy Banana Flavored Rolling Papers 1 1/4


Juicy Banana Flavor 1 1/4 Size

Juicy  ¼ Banana Flavor Rolling Papersare s fruity addition to the Spanish size range of smoking papers by Juicy, the worlds most famous flavored paper manufacturer. These Banana skins are pungent and satisfying to smoke.

Made using Juicy triple dipped flavor system with a  sugar gum and soy ink designs, all sealed in airtight packaging so you never get a stale smoke. Each packet is made in Alcoy Spain  and has 32 leaves per pack.

We Sell Only Genuine Juicy Rolling Papers.

  • Juicy Single Rolling Paper Packet
  • Fresh Banana Taste
  • Soy Inks
  • Sugar Gum
  • Size: 78x35mm