Juicy Blackberry Brandy Flavored Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Size


JuicyBlackberry BrandyFlavored Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Size 

Juicy 1/¼ Blackberry Brandy Flavored Rolling Papers are bursting with the rich dark flavors of blackberry's with a subtle hint of brandy, not nearly enough to get you drunk but more than enough to know its the delicious flavor of brandy. These one and one quarter papers are made using juicy triple dipped flavor system, this makes the papers the most juicy tasting on the flavored rolling paper market. The blackberry and brandy aroma flavors and soy ink designs are all sealed for freshness ensuring you never get a stale paper. There are thirty two papers in each pack and twenty four packets in a full box.

We Sell Only Genuine Juicy Rolling Papers.

  • Juicy 1/14 (1.25)
  • Regular Papers
  • Soy Inks
  • Triple Dipped Flavor System
  • 32 Leaves Per Pack
  • 24 Packs Per Box
  • Size: 78mm x 35mm