Juicy Roller Rolling Machine


Juicy Roller 

Juicy new roller is made from high quality durable acrylic and comes with a branded Juicy  roller sleeve. The rolling machine will take all that are no longer than 120mm or 4 ¾ inches in length. Each cigar comes out perfectly shaped and ready to light up. To roll simply place into the rolling machine, (open 1st) place your smoking mixture into the roller evenly, close the roller and lock into place. You then need roll the roller's wheels to tighten up. Take your favorite rolled wrap, take the edge of the wrap and feed into the machine and turn the rollers wheels away from you. That's it, you now have your perfectly shape wrap ready for action. Please beware no JJ's  wraps were harmed in this demonstration.

We Sell Only Genuine Juicy Rolling Machines.  

  • Juicy  Roller
  • Cigar Rolling Machine
  • Fits All Wraps
  • Length/Size:120mm - 4 ¾ inch
  • RYOC – Roll Your Own Cigars
  • High Quality