Kingpin Rolling Machine


Kingpin Rolling Machine 

Kingpin Rolling Machines are made from high dense quality acrylic, making them extremely durable. The premium roller Kingpin has been a favorite for many, its hard wearing black sleeve / apron has Kingpin's logo adorned onto the sleeve. It will fit all types not just Kingpins, right up to 120mm long or 4 ¾ inch, giving you the largest fattest cigar which has been expertly rolled by you. If you want the best cigar at the party or at a night out, take the plunge and start rolling your own cigars. Instructions are enclosed in the box with the roller.

We Sell Only Genuine Kingpin Rolling Machines.

  • Kingpin Roller
  • Premium Roller
  • Cigar Rolling Machine
  • Fits All Sizes
  • Length/Size: 120mm - 4 ¾ inch
  • RYOC – Roll Your Own Cigars
  • High Quality
  • Instructions Included