Laramie Light Mild Blue King Size Cigarette Tubes


Laramie Light Mild Blue King Size Cigarette Tubes 

The blue empty cigarette tubes from Laramie use a light mild flavor filter tip, and the filter tip is 20mm in length, that is 30% longer than other brands selling empty tubes. The filters are premium extra smooth resulting in a cleaner, smoother taste. All of the 250 blue tubes are actually white in color with a small blue band circling the top of the filter. You can buy your empty blue tubes in various quantities to save you even more money.

All of Laramie's empty tubes can be used with numerous machines, shooters or injectors with no tearing or sticking.

We Sell Only Genuine Laramie® Tubes.

  • Laramie Blue Tubes
  • Light Mild Flavor
  • Great Quality
  • Premium Filter Tip
  • Length of Tube: 84mm
  • Length of Filter: 20mm
  • Empty Tubes
  • Carton of 250