Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Rolling Machine


Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Rolling Machine 

Powermatic II Plus Electric Cigarette Injector Machine - plug it in, fill the chamber, gently push the lever and you'll create you RYO/MYO product quickly and easily. Makes king size and 100 mm cigarettes. The Powermatic II Plus Electric Cigarette Injector Machine features increased motor speed and increased gear quality for 25% more power and fewer jams. The compact and lightweight design of this machine allows for easy use and storage. The large tobacco fed hopper and removable tobacco tray, will be sure to have you rolling cigarettes in three easy steps.

1. Plug in and turn on the power.
2. Lift the lever and fill the tobacco evenly.
3. Press the lever fully down to start filling your tubes.

The product includes accessories to clean your machine and comes with a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty covering defects in material and workmanship. Here’s how you operate the machine - You place a tube on the tip on the left, then you put a pile of tobacco in the chamber on the top, raise the lever on the right, put some tobacco in the slot on the top with your fingers or the wedge that come with it, push the lever on the right until the spoon injector pops out and fills the tube. That’s it, another perfect cigarette and more tobacco is still in the chamber for you to repeat the process. Please fill out warranty card and mail in upon receiving machine.


  • Makes king size cigarettes and 100MM
  • Increased Motor Speed!
  • Improved Gear Quality!
  • 25% More Power With Fewer Jams!