Premier Supermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine


Premier Supermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine
For both King and 100 mm tubes. The new metal Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine has recently been redesigned with the latest make-your-own technology and is viewed by experts as one of the best cigarette making machines ever made. New features include a rubber anti-scuff pad for better table grip and an adjustment to make 100 mm cigarettes. Own a Premier Supermatic cigarette machine and you've got the best machine available. This is a great buy with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty serviced exclusively by Arbro Inc. Comes with warranty card and instructions. Please fill out warranty card and mail in upon receiving machine.
  • The Premier way to make your own cigarettes.
    1. Place lever to start position.
    2. Slide tube on nozzle.
    3. Fill chamber with tobacco, starting at each end and filling onto the center. Do not pack too tight.
    4. Lift and move selector switch to desired cigarette size: Position A for 100mm; Position B for King Size; Position C for Regular Size. Slowly pull lever from start position (1) down towards tobacco chamber (4).
  • Makes 100mm, Regular/84mm and King Size Filtered Cigarettes: