Randy's Roots Organic Wired Rolling Papers


Randy's Roots Organic Wired Rolling Papers

If you like smoking organic papers using unbleached rolling paper and natural African acacia gum then you should try the Randy's Roots Organic Wired 1 ¼ Rolling Papers. Vegan friendly, each individual paper is 77mm long and 40mm wide, with each paper having the Randy's stainless steel wire. Extremely easy to roll with the papers burn evenly down and are nice and smooth. Randy's still make their papers in the USA and each pack contains 24 papers with a full box containing 25 packs.

We Sell Only Genuine Randy's Papers.

  • Randy's Organic 'Roots'
  • Made From Organically Grown
  • Unbleached Paper
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Natural African Acacia Gum
  • 1 ¼ Rolling Papers
  • Wired Rolling Papers
  • Wire built In The Paper
  • Burns Slow & Even
  • Size: 77mm x 40mm
  • Papers Per Pack - 24
  • Box - 25 Packs