Raw Classic 98 Special Pre Rolled Cones


Raw Classic 98 Special Pre Rolled Cones

The 98mm pre-rolled cone Special cone from Raw is 98mm in length, hence the name - Raw Classic 98mm Special Pre-Rolled Cones. The 1000 cones (one thousand to repeat myself) are all made from natural, additive free, unbleached paper and have had only natural gum used to seal them. The 98mm Special is an unusual size, bigger than the 1 1/4 (1.25) cone and 12mm smaller than the king size cone (110mm), so it sits right in the middle of the two. Perfect for those who like a cone that for many is the right size to use. All the cones have been pre-tipped with a 20mm tip for your convenience. The 98's come in a branded Raw box, which has a stand to hold all 1000 cones in place. If you love cones, and use them a lot this is a very economical way of buying them in, great for all nighters and will always be the 'party piece' for all your friends.

We Sell Only Genuine Raw ® Cones.

  • Raw ® Classic 98mm Special Cones
  • One Box Contains 1000 Cones
  • Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Natural Gum
  • All Natural, Additive-free
  • Unbleached Paper
  • Tip Included
  • Size: 98mm in Length
  • Filter Tip Length: 20mm
  • Branded Raw Box
  • Packing Stand For Cones