RAW Cone Filler Machine 1 1/4


Raw Cone Filler Machine 1 1/4

The wait is finally over, welcome to the Raw cone filler machine. This is the high quality Raw 1 1/4 Cone Filler which takes all regular sized cones or one and one quarter cones, allowing you to fill your own cones with no mess and in double quick time. There is no mess and no wastage when using the machine, its extremely quick and efficient plus you also get a handy bamboo packing tool.

How To Use Your Raw Cone Filler Machine:

Its very easy to use, you simply open up your Raw cone filler on your table or tray, place your material into the slot provided, place your empty cone at the end of the machine, close the lid, pick up the cone filler, place into the palm and with your other hand pull back and forwards. You will then have your own very own rolled cone in less than 30 seconds

We Sell Only Genuine RAW® authentic Rolling Machines.

  • Raw 1 1/4 Cone Filler
  • Fill Your Own Cones
  • Bamboo Packing Tool
  • High RAW Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • No MESS
  • Instructions Included