RAW Plastic Adjustable Rolling Machine


RAW Plastic Adjustable Rolling Machine

The first rolling machine that can be adjusted to fit various papers up to 70mm long. The RAW Adjustable Rolling Machine 70mm are made from eco friendly fibres which use a special eco friendly cold injection process to make the roller. This is a worlds first resulting in a RAW® roller which can potentially last a lifetime. The aprons have been double vinyled for long lasting wear with the RAW® logo being printed on the apron. RAW® - A way of life!

We Sell Only Genuine RAW® Authentic Rolling Machines.

  • RAW® Adjustable Roller
  • Raw Two Way Roller
  • Based Eco Plastic
  • Apron – Double Thick Vinyl 
  • Length/Size: 70mm
  • RYO – Roll Your Own 
  • High Quality
  • Instructions Included
  • Made In Germany