RAW Small Rolling Tray Girl Design


RAW Small Metal Rolling Tray

The Raw Small metal tray is11in long and 7in in width the tray will easily accommodate your rolling papers, filters and tobacco and being small will fit into any draw or cupboard, keeping all your smoking accessories in one place and if needed out of sight! The metal used to make the Raw Metal Tray is from high quality premium material, which has then had all four corners rounded off, em-blazed with the Raw  Rolling Paper design from all their classic papers. The tray is smooth to the touch and can be easily wiped down with a cloth if required, is surprisingly durable and is 100% non flexible.  If you are looking for small tray, easily to store and to keep your smoking supplies in one spot this is it.


Raw Tray - Small

NON Flexible

Sturdy and Durable

Smooth Curved Edges

High Quality

Length 11in

Width 7in

Metal Tray

Made By Raw