Skunk Sack Medium Odor Free Storage Bags 4" X 6"


Skunk Sack Medium Odor Free Storage Bags

Skunk Sacks are the perfect way to travel without smelling like a skunk! The baggie is designed to be completely smell proof. In addition, they are water proof and puncture resistant.

Skunk Sacks utilize a triple pressed thick seal around all the edges. In addition, the top is locked with a double locking zipper that is three times thicker and softer than your standard baggie.

Medium baggie measures 4" tall by 6" wide. Fits roughly 1/4 of material.


  • Skunk Sack Odor Proof Baggie
  • Triple pressed edges
  • Double locking zipper top
  • 4" tall by 6" wide
  • Holds 1/4 of material
  • Sold individually

Skunk sack bags are the ultimate in odor and barrier protection water tight, puncture resistant and with double zipper seal these bags are reusable!