Swagg Sauce Salt Nicotine Juice 60ML 50MG


Swagg Sauce Salt Nicotine Juice 60ML 50MG

Introducing Swagg Sauce Salt Nicotine! If you have not heard about nicotine salt, we will fill you in! Nicotine salt is a liquid compound that has been modified from its freebase form to its salt form, in this case, known as its acidic form. Swagg Sauce Salt is FEMA/GRAS food grade, USP grade. Nicotine salts permit the ability to vape at a much higher nicotine strength without the harshness or throat hit that would traditionally occur if using normal nicotine solution. This product is specifically designed for use in pod based devices and other low output atomizers. Do not use in Sub-Ohm style tanks and atomizers. Only for use in high resistance, low output devices. 


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