The Cone Artist


The Cone Artist - For Pre Rolled Cones and Rolling Papers

The Cone Artist® is the Ultimate rolling solution to create your perfect cone using your favorite rolling paper. No need to buy cones anymore, or run out, the simple but very effect design from Sweden has revolutionized how cones are made. Using the Artist is very easy, place your filter tip at the end of the end, just wrap your paper around the plastic cone, lick before hand, and then take off your new cone. Fill the funnel, take off the prodder, place the funnel onto the cone, empty, tap, and finish off. You are now ready for action! With fantastic reviews and many sold, you too now can roll the most impeccable and sublime cone you can ever imagine.

We Sell Only Genuine Cone Artist®

  • For Rolling Papers
  • For Pre-Rolled Cones
  • For Blunts
  • Ultimate Rolling Solution
  • Designed in Sweden
  • Made In Sweden