Top Fine Gum Rolling Papers Box


 Top Fine Gummed Rolling Papers

TOP rolling papers are distributed by Republic Tobacco Company in Illinois.These fine, gummed cigarette papers are manufactured and imported in to the United States from France and are available in two different styles. Both of these variations of sizes are sold in light-yellow packages with the blue TOP logo on it.These rolling papers are very popular in the Midwest and have been some of the best selling papers since their release. They have remained true to their original vision of serving the roll your own community with some of the finest, most natural papers on the market. Each one of their papers is slightly unique because each paper is handcrafted and checked for quality. Try them today!

About the Product:
  • Roll Your Own
  • 100 Leaves per Pack
  • Made in France
  • Top Cigarette Rolling Papers
  • Burns free for a great smoking experience