Zen 100MM Size Cigarette Blue Light White Tubes


Zen Cigarette Blue Light White Tubes

Zens 100s tubes are only available in white, and the super extra smooth filter is also white. Zen lights which are  also known as 'zen blue tubes' are great for novices and connoisseurs alike and with all of Zens' empty tubes only expect quality and reliability when using the tubes. With-in a box of Zen Lights 100mm Cigarette Tubes there are 250 blank tubes with each super king being 100mm in length. We offer some great bulk cheap deals that will save you money but not compromising on the exceptional quality that Zen provides.

All of Zen's blank tubes can be used with numerous machines, shooters or injectors with no tearing or sticking. Zen of course do their own high quality shooter machines.

We Sell Only Genuine ZEN® Tubes.

  • Zen Cigarette Tubes
  • Light & Mild Super Kings
  • White Cigarette Tubes
  • Extra Smooth
  • Length of Tube: 100mm
  • Length of Filter: 25mm
  • Empty Tubes
  • Carton of 250